Why Essential Oils - Why doTERRA



They are healthy and nourishing for our bodies, taste delicious, beautiful to look at, smell amazing and when they are broken down into their chemical and aromatic compounds they can bring about changes in our bodies and emotions that you wouldn’t believe are possible. All from one drop of oil………….


co impact sourcing and sharing the love

Firstly, I love a company that in my opinion has a soul. In this crazy consumer world we live in , I am constantly trying to lessen my impact on the planet, buy responsibly and consciously for the greater good. As a company Doterra brings this in abundance.

They want to bring a product that is at the top of its game - it does what it says on the bottle (see next info tree for more!) . They choose sustainable areas and if this is in reduced supply or detrimental to the environment they stop and /or find alternatives. They make great efforts to develop relationships with the people that supply the essential oils by helping to build communities and empower growers and families for the long term.

A company with a heart and a conscience.

oils i can trust

If you want the highest quality oils you can buy, then you want to explore doTERRA. They ensure that the oils that they bring to you are safe, effective and pure. They want to reassure their customer base that you can rely on these oils to be just that. Every bottle is subjected to their own industry standard testing know as CPTG (certified pure and therapeutic).

Each tiny bottle of oil goes through multiple testing to ensure that what you are buying is exactly that - not a synthetic version, not mixed with fillers and oils - just pure , beautiful essential oils.

Each oil has its own identifiable label on the bottom of the bottle. You can type this in on their website sourcetoyou.com and find out exactly what you are getting for your money. That’s not something common place for many products out on the high street with good reason……..