Top Uses for some of the most popular doTERRA oils

and a thousand more you never knew about !!!

The Single Oils 

Lemon - Cleansing , Uplifting , Revitalising

  1. Mix 1 Drop in your glass or stainless steel water bottle to support healthy digestion

  2. Add couple of drops to a spray bottle as a homemade cleaner for your countertops, tables and household surfaces

  3. Use to remove chewing gum, sticky labels and generally gunky gluey type messes

  4. Diffuse to purify air and create a cleansing and fresh aroma

  5. Cook with it - particularly desserts for a lemony punch

  6. Use alongside peppermint and lavender to support seasonal allergies either with a rollerball on the feet and pulse points or try diffusing in the air

Lavender - Calming and soothing

  1. Use a drop behind the ear and down the jaw bone to help with tinnitus (particularly good at night !)

  2. Inhale , diffuse and/or roller on pulse points and feet at night to support a restful nights sleep

  3. Apply to wounds and cuts for its healing and soothing properties (it has anti coagulant properties you know!)

  4. Apply to burns for a healing and soothing effect

  5. Cook some scrumptious lavender shortbread , go to www.doterra.com for recipe

  6. Apply to temples and across the forehead to assist with headaches and migraines

  7. Apply to blemishes to lessen their appearance 

Peppermint - Cooling and Energising

  1. Place a drop on the temples and forehead to relieve migraine and head tension

  2. Diffuse and inhale from cupped hands to clear any respiratory issues 

  3. Apply one drop to mouth to freshen breath - Be careful this bad boy packs a serious punch you may want to lick a dab from the tip of a finger instead!! 

  4. Pop a drop in your shampoo or conditioner for a refreshing head and scalp massage

  5. Diffuse for a refreshing aroma that can support your mental clarity, respiratory health, gut health and be uplifting to the mood!

  6. Mix with a carrier oil and apply topically to any aches, pains and sprains - EXTRA bonus great for digestive issues topically too!

Frankincense - Grounding, Soothing, Beautifying , The King of Oils

  1. Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands for a calming and grounding scent

  2. Take 1 drop internally to support a healthy cellular and immune system

  3. Apply to cuts and grazes to aid the swift recovery of cells

  4. Inhale the scent as a natural anti anxiety and anti depressant 

  5. Add a few drops to your bath to promote feelings of relaxation and destress 

  6. Apply topically for a rejuvenating and supportive effect to skin

Melaleuca (Tee Trea) - Anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti oxidant

  1. Add to toenails and fingernails to promote healthy nail beds (good for athletes foot)

  2. Add to your spray bottles for another natural all purpose cleaning agent

  3. Apply to cuts and sores with lavender for its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties 

  4. Take 1 drop internally to support your immune system 

Oregano - Anti Bacterial, Cleansing and supportive to the immune system

  1. Take 1 Drop internally in a veggie capsule to cleanse and support the gut and digestive tract

  2. Use a toothpick swirl in cooking and baking to flavour your foods

  3. Mix with a carrier oil onto warts and verrucas to naturally remove 

  4. Mix with water in a spray bottle for a natural surface cleaner

  5. Dilute with a carrier oil In a roller bottle and apply topically for ringworm and athletes foot

  6. Diffuse a few drops to assist respiratory health including sinus infections

  7. Treat toenail fungus by mixing with a carrier oil and applying directly to site 

Wild Orange  - Uplifting and cleansing

  1. Add a drop to your water for a cleansing taste

  2. Diffuse (my favourite!) with any oil you choose for a magnificent uplifting scent

  3. Add a couple of drops to your homemade all purpose cleaner for a heavenly orange scent

  4. Add 1-2 drops to homemade raw chocolate mix for that orangey punch of flavour

The Blends

Air (used to be known as breathe) - Respiratory Support

  1. Apply topically to chest to aid deep breathing

  2. Inhale from hands when full of congestion and cold/flu

  3. Inhale topically and apply the remainder from hands onto chest pre workout to aid opening of airways

  4. Diffuse at night in the bedroom for a restful nights sleep

    Deep Blue Soothing Blend

  1. Massage into the lower back or neck after a hard day 

  2. Apply to joints and muscles pre and post exercise

  3. Rub over painful joints affected by arthritis

  4. Apply to children legs at night to lessen the effects of growing pains

  5. Apply to area of concern when sciatica strikes

  6. Use deep blue oil to give your loved one or friend an aroma touch experience

  7. Apply to the back of the neck or pulse points when migraine or headaches are an issue

Digestzen Digestive Blend

  1. Apply topically to reduce bloating, gas or indigestion

  2. Take 1 drop in water or tea to settle your stomach

  3. Inhale the scent when feeling nauseous from the hands

  4. Take a drop internally in veggie capsule to promote a healthy digestion

On Guard Protective Blend

  1. Take 1 drop internally in veggie cap when you are starting to feel rundown to assist the immune system

  2. Diffuse in the home or office for a cleansing and pollutant free environment

  3. Mix with water in a spray bottle for an all purpose cleaner

  4. Sprinkle a few drops in a bag with water and soak some apple slices in it fora healthy family snack

  5. Add 1 drop to your hand soap for a cleansing boost

  6. Mix with water in a small spray bottle to make your own chemical free hand sanitiser


  1. Diffuse for a woody calming scent to promote feelings of grounding and calming

  2. Inhale directly from hands during times of stress and anxiety to calm the mind and body

  3. Rub one to two drops over your heart centre when meditating for a grounding heart based connection