Facial Reflexology - Bergman Method

60 mins (Please allow longer for your first session)


Trained by the highly acclaimed Ziggi Bergman, this blissful and calming holistic face treatment has all the benefits of traditional reflexology via the face. Using methods and pressure points of reflexology combined with natural facelift techniques and massage, facial reflex firms the muscles, reduces fine lines, increases lymphatic drainage and blood supply to the face. Not only great for the skin it promotes deep relaxation, easing tension and is good for sinus issues, anxiety, menopause and a whole lot more! A natural face lift and mood booster without the need for needles or surgery!

Not sure what to expect or just want a taster ? Head to the booking form for a 30 minute express. I don’t need 30 minutes to convince you of the power of facial reflexology, but I guarantee after the taster session you will book in for more!


Foot Reflexology

60 mins (Please allow longer for your first session)


Based on an ancient art form, this truly holistic therapy not only promotes deep relaxation but stimulates the body to heal naturally. Gentle pressure and manipulation techniques are applied to both feet. Delicate natural waxes and oils are used to sooth and hydrate the feet as you relax. Reflexology is great for the whole body but particularly good for stress and anxiety, hormone balancing, pain, fertility issues and insomnia to name but a few

Indian Head Massage

45 mins (Please allow longer for your first appointment)


Originating from Ayurvedic health , relax as your upper back, neck and shoulders are massaged along with your head , scalp and finally face. An adapted technique along with doTERRA essential oils (where indicated) makes this popular treatment both invigorating and relaxing. The oils not only smell amazing during your treatment but they are great for the hair, scalp and face too


60 Mins (Please allow longer for your first appointment)

Using doTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils the Aromatouch technique is clinical application of these incredible essential oils. Eight oils including lavender, wild orange , peppermint and balance blend are chosen to support your own natural body systems, improve wellbeing and to leave you feeling amazing. This is NOT a massage although some of the techniques are familiar with gentle effleurage and pressure point manipulation to your back , head , ears and feet. The oils are the star of this treatment making it excellent for a wide variety of conditions including chronic illness, mental and emotional illness or just a general need for relaxation and therapeutic touch

Reiki (Reiki Master Usui System )

40 mins

Reiki is a sharing of universal energy between the practitioner and the recipient. Lying fully clothed and wrapped in warm blankets (depending on time of year!) , gentle touch is applied to various points and areas of the body as the practitioner seeks to maintain or rebalance harmony to your body systems and your chakras (energy systems) mind, body and soul. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, peace, general wellbeing and so much more. It is so personal to the individual but people often report feeling calmer , energised and less stressed following a session

Toe To Soul Signature

120 mins (Please allow longer if it is your first time visiting )

A combination of favourites commencing with an Indian Head massage and oil of your choice to calm and relax the mind, followed by a full foot reflexology session and ending with a wonderful session of reiki to leave you feeling balanced, refreshed and utterly blissful from Toe to Soul!!

(Indian Head Massage can be substituted for facial reflexology - please advise me at time of booking)

Book a Course of 6 Facial Reflexology Sessions ~ £250.00

Book a course of 6 Foot reflexology sessions ~ £220.00

Gift Vouchers available by request